A wild, fun, campy, gay-friendly bar in Medellin’s Poblado Park

Edgar Ocampo

In this first post I’m writing for OutinColombia.com, I wish to share some information about one of the bars I like to spend some weekends: Galeria de la Fama.

Galería de la Fama is a simple but lively gay-friendly bar located in Parque del Poblado in Medellin where you can hear romantic Spanish classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s – best known in popular slang as musica de plancha (music you listen to while ironing).


Galería de la Fama is one of those few places where immediately your perception of reality changes and you feel like you are entering another atmosphere where you forget all your stress, worries, problems and difficulties that daily life imposes on you. As you enter into an atmosphere of joy, celebration, camaraderie, friendship and entertainment where, with the help of some drinks, everyone becomes a singer regardless of their vocal abilities. All the patrons in the bar give free rein to their voices and people sing songs of love, heartbreak and defiance at full capacity of their lungs.

After midnight you will not only witness a concert of a hundred voices of varied artistic quality, but also bodies that give free rein to their uncontrollable need to break free. The crowd starts moving to the rhythm of the corridos (or ballads) with special dances like the Carrapicho, Macarena, Mayonesa, Asereje, and the Meneito. At this time the bar becomes full of joy and camaraderie.

The Galeria is open on on Friday and Saturday nights.

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