Colombiatex brings big business to Colombia’s fashion industry

Juan David Narváez R

Colombia’s fashion scene has exploded in recent years. As a result, the fashion industry has become a powerful business market in Colombia.

Remarkable festivals and events like ColombiaModa (Colombia’s fashion week) – and Colombiatex, have started to gain international recognition.

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Colombiatex 2017 just wrapped up a few weeks ago, having a huge impact on Colombia’s economy in terms of fashion tourism and the textile industry. According to El Tiempo, $326 million dollars in sales were made at this year’s Colombiatex trade show (4% more than expected), and people from 42 different countries arrived in Medellin to do fashion-related business.

This trade show, unlike others, is a good opportunity to close gigantic textile export deals. On average a foreign entrepreneur purchases $100 to 120 thousand dollars worth of textile supplies. Additionally, as the international press converges on Medellin twice a year for these two huge fashion events, Colombian designers are able to influence fashion trends around the globe.

Colombiatex has provided a platform for young, emerging designers to gain exposure and possibly even earn a sponsor to distribute their products. Juan Ortiz, who has developed a brand called Be A Queen, is one such designer who has been pushing the envelope, sometimes using provocative artistic imagery to promote his brand.

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