cropped-colombia-gay-flag1-e1462750560454.jpgColombia is a progressive nation in terms of LGBT equality.  According to Colombia Diversa‘s website and news reports, Colombia’s gay-friendly policies grant the following rights to LGBT people:

  • Marriage Equality
    • Colombia’s Constitutional Court recently ruled that gays and lesbians cannot be denied the freedom to marry
  • Adoption
    • Colombia’s courts ruled in 2015 that gay and lesbian couples have the right to adopt, ruling that barring gay people from adopting had unreasonably deprived children of the right to be raised by families
  • Free from discrimination in the workplace and places of public accomodations
    • It is a crime to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity
    • Colombia has even made the very act of kissing in public a protected right
  • Immigration Equality
    • Gay and lesbian Colombians can sponsor their same-sex partners or spouses to obtain residency
  • Social Security and Health Benefits
    • Even before marriage equality was recognized, Colombia granted health and social security benefits, including survivor benefits, to same-sex couples

We’ll be blogging about gay rights in Colombia, so stay tuned to our blog page.